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The History of Beechwood Fire Dept. 2010 to present

In December 2010, the department decided to start a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). This Team is responsible for the extrication of downed and injured firefighters in a structure, due to collapse, entrapment of disorientation. These individuals receive specialized training in how to extricate firefighters from buildings through walls, floors and windows, etc.

In May of 2012 we received a Community Grant from Tans Canada Pipeline to purchase the specialized equipment for RIT

September 2012 we received a grant from DNR for a dual band radio and Wild Land equipment. This radio will allow us to communicate with other counties with different frequencies.

As we look to the future, there are no immediate plans for any major additions in terms of facilities or apparatus. We continually maintain our current equipment and update our training to provide the best fire protection possible. Our commitment to the community will continue to be a driving force in all that we do.

Beechwood Fire Dept. has just recently participated in an ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey. This recent survey may provide some home owners with lower insurance prices. Please click here to read the letter we have received and to review with your insurance company.