Welcome to Beechwood Volunteer Fire Department

The community of Beechwood was founded in 1905 and it wasn't until eight years later, when a disastrous fire took the home of Frederick and Fredericka Hintz in 1913 to get Jacob Horning and Arthur Koch to organize this Department. With our first piece of fire equipment, a horse drawn hand operated fire pump, and donated materials to build a station, we were off and running. It is hard to believe we have come so far as a Department.

It takes a unique individual to give their time and talents to the community with no compensation. This group has always been there, just as the men and women of the past 100+ years. We have a long tradition of pride and heritage within our department. This Department was founded on the principal of neighbors helping neighbors. Whether fire, an accident, severe weather, pumping water from basements or searching for missing cattle, we have always been there to help our fellow neighbors. It is strong values like these that make our Department who we are today.

We have replaced our entire fleet of trucks, built on to the station, and added a back up generator for shelter during and after power outages. These replacements would not have been possible without the overwhelming support of our community we live in. This community showed us their support when our park was devastated by a wind storm two weeks before our annual picnic. Dozens of trees were snapped off and buildings with holes in them, roofs missing, and power lines down. We had almost the entire community show up with chain saws, rakes, a willingness to work and a "Lets get it done attitude".

As we plan for the future there are a lot of unknowns. Firefighters tactics are constantly changing due to changes in construction and materials used to build. Our Department is strong, our Department is ready, and our Department will be there for you when you need us.

Beechwood Fire Dept. has just recently participated in an ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey. This recent survey may provide some home owners with lower insurance prices. Please click here to read the letter we have received and to review with your insurance company.